I'm LogoFarmer :)

My name is Shahnewaj Palash, and I’m a graphic designer and educator specializing in logo design and brand identity. I’ve been professionally designing logos since 2012.

I was drawn to graphic design as a teenager and made it my main study during University. My passion was recognized by a professor, earning me the nickname "Logo Farmer."

Understanding that graphic design would require more than just creativity, I also immersed myself in business studies. Following graduation, I created logos and branding projects for clients worldwide, working with a team of partners to design strategic visual identities for top-tier companies and individuals.

An homage to my college nickname, I established LogoFarmer’s Studio. Through LogoFarmer, I design professional logos and, more recently, YouTube videos. I use my extensive knowledge of logo design to offer fellow designers tips, which has led to my videos generating millions of views.

My goal is to help brands stand out with innovative visual identities. I also plan to continue sharing my knowledge online, inspiring future designers!

Shahnewaj Palash


+880 1719328191